Products & Services

At American Material Services we transport a variety of products and offer many services. Below is a list of products that we transport often.

If you need something transported that you do not see below contact us. We may be able to transport it for you.

American Material Liquid Asphalt
American Material Services Inc. loading and hauling liquid asphalt.


Dry Bulk – Aluminum and Steel Dump Trailers – Sand, Gravel ( including Rip-Rap & Armor Stone ), Lime, Fertilizers, Ag Products ( corn, soybeans, wheat ), Recycled Products ( Glass, Alloys, Steel, Cast Metal, Livestock Feed Ingredients, Rubber Chips, Etc. )
Liquid Bulk – Aluminum and Steel Hot Product Asphalt Tankers ( Asphalt Cement, Polymer Asphalt, Asphalt Emulsions )
Dry Van – 53′ X 102″ Dry Van Trailers
Reefer – 53′ X 96″ Refrigerated Van Trailers

Georgia Department of Transportation Certified D.B.E.  (Woman Owned Business)


Agricultural Lime
Liquid Asphalt
Asphalt Emulsion
Organic Fertilizer                                                                                                                        Crushed Stone such as:

Type 3 Rip Rap.jpg
Type 3 Rip Rap
Rip Rap Type 1.jpg
Type 1 Rip Rap
Armor Stone.jpg

Armor Stone

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